President Zhu Hongjun and His Delegation Went to Investigate the Law School

Release Time:2023-05-05    Number of visits:10   

On the afternoon of May 5, 2023, President Zhu Hongjun and his delegation went to the Law School for investigation. The personnel Department, the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Development Planning, the Graduate School, the Office of Scientific Research, the Office of Finance, and the Office of Asset Management participated in the investigation, accompanied by Gao Hai, the deputy dean of the Law School, Shu Li, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee, and the deans of all departments.

President Zhu carefully listened to the detailed report of the school, affirmed the current development status of the Law School, and said that the school will continue to support the construction and development of the law discipline. At the same time, the paper makes a substantive discussion on reinforcing the gap or weakness of the application conditions for doctoral programs, and combines with the actual law school, puts forward the following requirements: first, clear goals, firm confidence; The second is to compare the target conditions, check the gaps; Third, focus on key points and resolve major contradictions.

With the theme of The Gap in the application conditions of doctoral programs controlled by law disciplines, Gao Hai gave a detailed report on the teaching, scientific research, talent team construction and professional development of the school. In combination with the actual work of each department, the heads of all functional departments conducted in-depth exchange and guidance on the existing problems, causes and construction opinions of the law School.

 (writing: Shi Caixia; Approved by: Gao Hai Shu Li)