International Symposium on Legal Interpretation were Successfully Held in Our School

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From November 11 to 12, 2022, the Law School of Anhui University of Finance and Economics successfully held the International Symposium on Legal Interpretation. Attending the meeting were Professor Ma Zhongfa, Doctoral Supervisor of Law School of Fudan University, Professor Wang Yong, Deputy Dean of School of International Finance Law of East China University of Political Science and Law, Judge Li Qing, President of Bengbu Intermediate People's Court, Professor Axel Adrian from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany; Professor Zhang Weibin, Dean, Professor Gao Hai and Professor Jiang Huiyu, vice deans of Law School of Anhui University of Finance and Economics, as well as some teachers, some postgraduate students and undergraduates. The speech was translated by Professor GESK GEORG MICHAEL (Ge Xianglin) of the University of Osnabruck in Germany.


President Zhang first extended a warm welcome to the experts and delegates attending the conference and expressed his sincere thanks to the experts for their support to the College.


The first session of the conference was presided over by President Zhang Weibin, and Professor Wang Yong delivered a keynote report on Promoting and improving our Treaty Application System. According to the logical thinking of raising problems, clarifying problems, analyzing reasons and improving measures, Professor Wang Yong listed the problems existing in various aspects of the system of treaty use one by one, so as to highlight the necessity of improving the system and draw out the reasons for the reform of the legal guidance model of direct application of treaties by Chinese courts in the era of civil code, and from the perspective of the reform legal guidance model. How to advance and improve our treaty use system as a whole, at the same time to take our country's judicial field and so on several angles as an example, article summary, contrast discussion.


The second session was presided over by Dr. Xu Junwei and presented by Professor Ma Zhongfa on the topic of Time Elements of Treaty Interpretation. Professor Ma Zhongfa explained from three main aspects: the history of the time element of treaty interpretation and the Convention on the Law of Treaties, the consideration and cases of the time element of treaty interpretation and the thinking brought by the time element of treaty interpretation. Among them, Professor Ma made three explanations on the history of time elements of treaty interpretation and Convention on the Law of Treaties, and emphasized the contents of Article 31 and Article 32 of Convention on the Law of Treaties. When explaining the considerations and cases of time elements of treaty interpretation, he also put forward the case of Love Sea in 1978 in particular. Professor Ma Zhongfa not only made a comprehensive explanation and expansion of the time element of treaty interpretation, but also integrated the law and case. In the end, Dean Zhang Weibin made a conclusion and thanked Professor Ma for his wonderful speech.


The third unit was chaired by Professor Gao Hai.Chief Judge Li Qing narrated the legal interpretation in the judge's trial in an online way, focusing on the necessity of the judge's interpretation of the law in the judgment, the substantive operation and process of the judge's interpretation of the law in the judge's trial, and the normative measures of the legal interpretation in the judge's trial.


The fourth session was presided over by Professor Jiang Huiyu. Foreign professors gave a keynote report on Interpretation of International Law.The report mainly focuses on the purpose of legal interpretation, the commonality of legal interpretation, the difference of legal interpretation, and the connection between legal understanding and social practice. At the same time, it uses a large number of charts and data, and shares relevant examples. In the discussion section, Professor Zhang Meihong and Associate Professor Shao Zhuli made comments on this unit.


The meeting strengthened the academic exchange at home and abroad, actively promoted the  understanding of legal interpretation.


(Written by Shen Lenghan; Photos: Wu Xinyu; Reviewed by: Gao Hai)