A Seminar on Legal Bilingual Teaching and Study Method Held in Our School

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On afternoon of December 12,2021,a legal bilingual teaching and study method seminar was held in our school. Zhang Yanqiang,a professor from law school of Dalian Maritime University was invited to give a talk by online screen channel on the method of  legal foreign language teaching and study. Attendees were Zhang Weibin, dean of law school, three associate professors Shao Zhuli,Shao Yan,He Wuyi, together with some postgraduate students of the aw school. During the seminar,Professor Zhang Yanqiang first gave a brief introduction to some of the legal bilingual teaching programs he and his team conducted in the past years in which he suggested us to begin bilingual legal course teaching with three internationals,which are the courses of international public law, international commercial law and international economic law. Then he went on to illuminate to us his points in terms of  importance of abilities to use foreign languages to handle legal affairs,concept and purposes of legal bilingual teaching and study,dilemma and the ways out in the course of legal foreign language teaching and study. In the end, a mutual interaction  was provided in which Professor Zhang Yanqiang answered questions asked by students and teachers concerning the tactics of legal foreign language study and teaching. In recent years, our school was committed to the task of cultivating outstanding legal talents with global outlook to integrate into the national initiative of belt and road..This seminar is one of the academic efforts our school took towards the goal. Professor Zhang Yanqiang's lecture is informative and enlightening by which the teachers and students in our school have gained a lot.