Wei Zhen, A Student of Our School, Won the Honorary Title of College Student of the Year in Anhui Province

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Recently, in the 16th selection of College Student of the Year organized by the Education Working Committee of Anhui Provincial Party Committee and the selection of College Student of the Year in 2021, Wei Zhen, from Class 3 of Law School of 2018, won the honorary title of College Student of the Year in Anhui Province.


Wei Zhen's grandfather was a revolutionary comrade with more than 70 years of party membership history who had participated in the Dongshan Island Battle. He often taught Wei Zhen the fine style of hard work and thrift, and encouraged him with the examples of his comrades fighting bravely in the Dongshan Island Battle. To be a man, one must be optimistic and strong and march forward bravely. In the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, he volunteered to participate in community epidemic prevention and control work. Combining with his legal knowledge, he carried out epidemic prevention and control knowledge popularization at the gate of the community, produced and distributed brochures to publicize the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and other relevant laws and regulations, and became a guardian of epidemic prevention and control in the community.  As a young man of the new era, Wei Zhen knows that pursuing his dream and taking on his mission needs to study hard  and exercise his body and mind to forge strong skills. During his study in the law school, he always sets high standards for himself and always keeps meticulous and diligent study habits. His academic performance and comprehensive test scores are among the best. He has won more than 30 scholarships, including 2018-2019 National Scholarship, 2019-2020 National Encouragement Scholarship and the first prize of learning, Shenzhen Alumni Scholarship, outstanding Contribution Award, and 2019 Star of Self-improvement for Chinese University Students, 2020 Top 100 University Students of Anhui Province, 2020 Youth of Anhui Province for Upward And Good deeds .He has been awarded as the model of merit Student of Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Outstanding Student Cadre of Merit Student of Anhui University of Finance and Economics, outstanding Cadre of Communist Youth League and outstanding Member of Communist Youth League for many times.He took an active part in discipline competitions and won 3 national awards, 8 provincial awards, more than 40 university-level awards, and more than 20 university-level awards. He was also recommended for graduate students from Shanghai University, Jinan University, Lanzhou University and other universities.


The annual college students selection work aims to vigorously cultivate the advanced model of the new era college students, give full play to the typical demonstration leading role, training the new people who are capable of the national rejuvenation of the era. Wei Zhen's excellent results fully reflect the remarkable achievements made by our school in the aspect of moral education, and also represent the positive and high morale of many students in our school.