[ Power of An Example●Teacher's Column]HongYingying:Thousands of Little Ray Can Become A River of Stars

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HongYingying, born in March 1984, a Chinese communist party member, graduated from Nanjing University with doctor degree of law. She is now an associate professor and tutor for master degree students with law school of Anhui University of Finance and Economics . She devoted whole-heartedly to teaching for fourteen years and was delighted in it. Always keeping educational mission in mind, she has won a number of honors successively, such as Rising Star of Teaching in Anhui province,Women Red Flag Bearer of Bengbu City,Excellent Teacher of Anhui University of Finance and Economics.On behalf of the university, she twice participated in the teaching competition for young teachers from colleges and universities of Anhui province and won the first prize in the liberal arts group of the third and fifth Teaching Competition for Young Teachers from Colleges and Universities of  Anhui province. In September 2020, Hong Yingying was selected as one of the top 100 Outstanding Teachers and New Talent in Teaching in colleges and universities in the province.


Continuing to Explore, Concentrating on Research, Adhering to Research to Promote Teaching


Hong Yingying actively practices the idea that an excellent researcher may not be an excellent teacher, but an excellent teacher must be an excellent researcher. In recent five years, she has presided over one youth project of National Social Science Fund, one key research project of Humanities and Social Science of Anhui Education Department, one scientific research and innovation plan of Jiangsu Province, one key project of Anhui University of Finance and Economics, and three general projects. She has also published more than ten papers in journals such as Journal of Politics and Law , Journal of Nanjing University, and some of them have been reprinted in full by the periodicals of Photocopied Data by Renmin University of China. She presided over one Anhui Double-base Demonstration Lesson, one wonderful lesson of Anhui University of Finance and Economics , one university-level key teaching and research project, and three general teaching and research projects. She participated in two provincial teaching teams of commercial law and economic law, and recorded video open courses and MOOC courses of economic law. She has also actively participated in academic conferences at home and abroad, and her papers have twice won the third prize of excellent youth paper of the annual meeting of Economic Law Research Institute of China Law Society and twice won the first prize of excellent paper of the annual meeting of Economic Law Research Institute of Jiangsu Province.


Caring with Strict and love, Practicing Teaching Ethics, with Sincerity for True Feelings

Since teaching, Hong Yingying has continued to show the story of caring for students. Hong Yingying knows that the cultivation of students should not only stay in the classroom, but also take on the responsibility of moral cultivation, shaping students' sound personality, cultivating students' practical ability and improving students' happiness. In the face of the students encountered in the study and life of all kinds of confusion, she inculcated with earnest and gentle guidance,just like spring breeze melting the rain and moistening things silently. Hong Yingying  once served as the head teacher of undergraduate students.In addition to doing a good job in the class, she has been caring for and helping poor students, helping them pay tuition fees, introducing tutoring jobs, organizing donations for poor students and giving them books and school supplies. She actively undertakes the guidance work for master students and undergraduate students. Besides teaching, she also buys documentary materials for students at her own expense, subsidizes them to attend academic conferences and recommends jobs for graduates. She led students to carry out social practice in the unites like public security bureau, procuratorate, court and others, guided them to participate in various teaching competitions and achieved excellent results. She always pays attention to students' mental health, gives guidance and care to students with problems, and sincerely helps students eliminate psychological barriers,


Fulfilling Duties, Promoting the Rule of Law and Devoting to Social Service

Keeping in mind the original intention of law people, Hong Yingying boosts the spirit of rule of law in various ways and promotes the construction of rule of law in universities, local governments and society. As a member of group designated by Anhui Province and Bengbu City for publicizing the Civil Code, she has preached the Civil Code for many times for the central group of CPC Committee of our university, Bengbu municipal government, Public Complaints and Proposals Bureau, Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Municipal Political Research Office of CPC Committee, Municipal Archives, Municipal Women's Federation, Drug Treatment Institute, Huaihe River Water Conservancy Committee and other units. She provides legal advice for the organizations directly under authority of Bengbu municipal government, attends petition hearing and administrative review, participates in legal aid and helps resolve social conflicts and various disputes. She was also concerned about the protection of rights and interests of women and children and won the honorary title of Women Red Flag Bearer of Bengbu  in 2018.