The Rule of law Huaiyuan Research Institute was officially inaugurated

Release Time:2021-10-25    Number of visits:80   

On the afternoon of October 21, the opening ceremony and signing ceremony of Huaiyuan Institute of Law was held in conference room 111 of law School, No.1 Administration Building of West Campus. Shao Jian, deputy secretary of Political and Legal Committee of Huaiyuan County, Chen Gang,  director of Party Secretary of Huaiyuan County Justice Bureau, Zhao Hanwen, deputy director of secretary's office of Law Office, Zhou Yongxi, director of the secretary's office of County ruling by law, the leading group of law School and adult education institute comprehensive section chief Xu Shanshan attended the opening ceremony, The ceremony was presided over by Li Rulin, party secretary of the Law School.


Zhang Weibin, dean of the Law School, extended a warm welcome to Shao Jian and Chen Gang, recalling the good cooperation foundation in the past. He hoped that the opening of the Research Institute would serve as a starting point to further strengthen two-way interaction and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, so as to achieve a win-win situation between the judicial practice department and the school.


At first, Shao Jian  thanked the Law School for its strong support for the construction of the rule of law, he stressed that the establishment of the Institute and the establishment of the practice base for the construction of the rule of law is a major event to promote the construction of the rule of law, and said that it would provide a broader platform for the law school to educate students in practice.


After the signing ceremony, the leaders of both parties jointly unveiled the plaque for the Institute.