Hong Yingying, A Teacher From Our School,Won the First Prize in the Fifth Teaching Competition for Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities in Anhui Province

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September 24 to 26, sponsored by the Anhui Federation of Trade Unions, Anhui Education Department, Anhui Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports Trade Union, Chaohu College of Anhui Province, the fifth session of  college young teachers teaching competition in Chaohu College was successfully held. School union chairman Yang Jie led the team to participate.


A total of 181 young teachers from 45 colleges and universities in the province participated in the competition. The competition consists of two parts: teaching design and classroom teaching, which are divided into five groups: liberal arts group, science group, engineering group, medical group and ideological and political course special group. After fierce competition, Teacher Hong Yingying of law School and Teacher Guo Xue of Marxism School won the first prize of liberal arts group and Ideological and Political Class special Group respectively, teacher Wu Yue of Management Science and Engineering School and teacher Cheng Fang of Statistics and Applied Mathematics school won the third prize of Engineering group and Science group respectively.Our school was awarded the Excellent Organization Award by the organizing committee.


Since the start of the competition, under the joint organization of the University labor union and the Teaching Affairs Management Office, the University has set up special classes to organize pre-competition guidance, drills and other activities, comprehensively improving the competition level of the participants. The success of our contestants in this game is not only a comprehensive display of young teachers teaching talent, but also the significant achievement in forging four have high-quality, professional teachers since implementation of the new management of the University development strategy, centering around the fundamental task of morality cultivation, taking strengthening teachers' ethics and conduct and exercising teaching basic skills as the focus.