CAI Xiaohui, director of Beijing Weiheng (Hefei) Law Firm, was invited to give a lecture to our teachers and students

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On the morning of September 13, 2021, lawyer CAI Xiaohui, secretary and director of party Branch of Beijing Weiheng (Hefei) Law Firm, was invited to give a special lecture on “contract drafting and review” for teachers and students of our school in conference room C521, No.1 Administrative Building, East Campus. The lecture was presided over by Professor Gao Hai, vice president of our school. Some undergraduates and postgraduates attended the lecture.


Director CAI Xiaohui mainly lectured from three aspects regarding  the importance of legal writing ,contract drafting preparation  and contract review. CAI pointed out that the ability to make legal documents is the core professional skills of lawyers,legal documents are not only a science but also an art. when drafting contracts, lawyers must conduct research on the background of contracts, consult professionals when necessary, and pay attention to keeping written records in communication with clients to avoid unnecessary contradictions and conflicts.


Director CAI's lecture was rich in content and practical. Through this lecture, the students had a deeper understanding of the key points of contract drafting and review, and had a further understanding of the basic situation of lawyer's profession and related issues such as risk avoidance in the process of lawyer's profession, which benefited the students a lot.