Notice on leave of absence for faculty and staff during the epidemic

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Attentions for  all faculty and staff::


From this Monday, In addition to the middle - level post personnel  leave will be approved by the main leadership of the university,for non-official business trips in the province, one only needs to ask for leave from the leader in charge and the main person in charge of the unit (leave from the province still needs the approval of the main leaders of the university); The leave of the teaching staff shall be examined and approved by the main responsible person of the unit. Middle-level deputy staff or above, continue to report to the Organization Department (inspection group requirements). The Organization Department will report to inspection group through liaison group.. In addition, the staff from other provinces back to school (including business trips) need to go to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medicine College  for nucleic acid testing and report the test results to the university hospital. Expenses are paid by oneself.. Reimbursement process will be notified. Please go through the leave procedures strictly according to the requirements of the university.