The opening ceremony of the law School relocation was held in the No.1 Administration building of West Campus

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At 9:00 a.m. on September 13, the opening ceremony of the relocation of law School was held in the No.1 Administration building of west Campus..  Ding Zhongming, president and Party Secretary of THE university; Zhu Hongjun, Executive vice president and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee; Zhang Yuejun, vice president of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee; Li Chao, Director of the Publicity Department of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee; Yu Hui, deputy Secretary and vice president of the Party Group of Bengbu Intermediate People's Court; CAI Xiaohui, director of Beijing Weiheng (Hefei) Law Firm; Sun Tao, director of the Party and Government Office of the UniversityThe main party and government leaders and some teachers of the law School attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Weibin, dean of the Law School.


In his speech, Zhu Hongjun first pointed out that the smooth relocation of the law School is of historical significance, and also represents the adjustment of the functional planning of the school district has achieved phased results. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the strong leadership of the Party Committee with Secretary Ding as the monitor, the concerted efforts of the functional departments and the college, and the support and understanding of all the teachers and students. He hoped that the Law School could make full use of the physical space of the campus, improve the office environment of teachers, cultivate more outstanding talents and make more achievements in teaching and research. He congratulated the Law School on embarking on a new journey and embracing a more brilliant tomorrow.


In his speech, Yu Hui expressed warm congratulations on the relocation of the School on behalf of the cooperative practice and education base of the School. He pointed out that the relocation of the campus further narrowed the distance with the co-owner, meanwhile, he pointed out that Law School of ANHUI University of Finance and Economics and Bengbu Intermediate People's Court have a deep history and have kept close contact with each other, Through cooperation and construction, the two sides have effectively promoted the coordinated development between teaching and scientific research institutions and judicial departments. He firmly believe that with this move as an opportunity, Bengbu Middle School and Ancai Law School will further deepen their cooperation and friendship, truly share resources, benefit from teaching and learning, interact positively, and jointly improve the level of law application research.   


In her speech, CAI xiaohui said Anhui University of Finance and Economics has a long and far-reaching influence on her. She recalled her teaching and studying career in  Law School, witnessed the establishment and growth of the law school, and witnessed the two relocation process of the law school. She was proud of being a member of the law school. Finally, she expressed her expectation for the future of the Law School and wished it better and better.


Zhang Weibin, on behalf of the Law School, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the alumni representatives of the co-built units and the teachers and students. He said that after three months of careful preparation, the law School has completed the move from the fifth floor of the Administration Building 1 on the East campus to its current location in the Administration Building 1 on the West Campus. The law school must keep its trust in mind and strive for a higher goal.


Ding Zhongming, Zhu Hongjun, Zhang Yuejun and the main party and administrative leaders of the Law School jointly unveiled the plaque.