[Force of Example•Alumni Section] Wei Jingjing: Interpreting Dedication and Responsibility With Life

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Wei Jingjing, female, Han nationality, born in September 1983, graduated from law major of our university in 2006. She was a member of Chinese communist party  and a master of law. She started to work in September 2006 and served successively as a clerk of  Lu 'an municipal Intermediate People's Court , a deputy section assistant procurator of  Lu 'an municipal People's Procuratorate, an assistant judge at the level of deputy section, a judge, a senior Judge of the fourth level in Lu 'an municipal Intermediate People's Court. She was honored as a Outstanding Civil Servant of Lu 'an Municipality, a Case Dealing Model  of Lu 'an municipal Intermediate People's Court.  On December 10, 2020, she got a sudden illness while working and died on duty at the age of 37.  In January 2021, Anhui Provincial Party Committee and Anhui Provincial Government posthumously awarded Wei Jingjing the title of Excellent Communist Party Member of Anhui Province and Civil Servant Satisfied by Anhui People. 

She Died Doing the Job She Loved

Wei Jingjing was born in an ordinary family of judge in Lu 'an city.Her father, Wei Wei, is a retired judge. Inspired by her family, Wei Jingjing had a dream since childhood, that was, one day she could wear the robe and became a judge like her father. In 2002, Wei Jingjing, with her firm ideals, applied for the law school of our university and was admitted to the law major at last. Upon graduation,faced with a variety of career options, she resolutely chose to return to her hometown to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a clerk at the Lu 'an Intermediate People's Court in Anhui Province. Full of boundless love for the cause, unremitting pursuit of judicial justice, Wei Jingjing had been working hard at the front line since the day she started work, fourteen years like a day. Colleagues around her knew that the lights in Wei's office often burnt late into the night, no matter whether it was hot or cold. After having a family and children, in order to coordinate the family and work, Wei often took her son back to the work unit to read the files after picking up his son. No matter how hard my mother tries, she will never be able to finish her case. This was a sentence composed by Wei Jingjing's 10-year-old son during a Chinese test.

Wei Jingjing's family sympathized her hard work, hoping she change post, Wei Jingjing firmly refused. Because in her heart, wearing the robe was the best expression of her value. On December 8, Wei Jingjing, who usually goes home late, went home at 5 PM. My mother and I always thought she was young and in good health, so we didn't take it seriously. We just bought her a hot water bottle to warm her stomach according to her requirements. She took a rest early that night, said Wei's father. Early in the morning on December 9, Wei Jingjing sat down at her computer desk to write the verdict as usual. When colleagues asked her about her health, Wei said with a smile that she could eat and drink well and that she was not ill and was afraid to go to the hospital. Wei Jingjing opened three court sessions successively that day, and she presiding over two cases. By four o 'clock in the afternoon, she joined panel discussions of six cases and three were successful. After work time, Wei Jingjing also received the application of 3 parties and other related materials transferred from the litigation service center.  Judge Wei said that this is the third person to cancel the suit, the plaintiff did not ask for a lawyer, to fully protect the rights of the parties, she asked me to draw on the second day morning to go to public security bureau and other units She is always in this way, takes the client's business very seriously. That night, as usual, kaking his son with her,Judge Wei worked overtime to write the verdict and did not go home until after 10 o 'clock at night,said Luo Chao, an assistant judge.

On the morning of December 10, Wei Jingjing organized the mediation of the case of construction contract dispute between the plaintiff Anhui No. 3 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and the defendant High Speed Real Estate Group Lu 'an Co., Ltd. At 3 o 'clock in the afternoon, colleague Shao Shuang waited in court for Wei Jingjing to come to court to hold court session, to everyone's surprise,Wei Jingjing, who was usually like a female man, fell down on her job and never woke up this time. At noon, she was still talking and laughing when she got off work. She was alive and kicking when I held the file back to the office, but I could not see her any more, Shao Shuang said, eyes filled with tears.

She always Has a Client in Her Mind

Her heart is always filled with the client, shoulder heavy responsibility, do not give up, do not retreat do not compromise, this was Wei Jingjing in the eyes of her colleagues. I can't remember how many hours I worked or how many weekends I spent at the office, away from the hustle and bustle. But I have never regretted becoming a judge. Each night I was accompanied by the night outside the window while reading the case files, every time I smiled  when I resolved the conflict between the parties, every time I adhered to only for my heart of the balance,this was the confession of Wei Jingjing's heart revealed in her  report of the work.

As a backbone in the court, Wei Jingjing had undertaken a large number of difficult and complex cases, handling more than 500 cases per year, and the quality and effectiveness of the cases  ranking in the forefront of the uni for ta long time. In the process of coordinating epidemic prevention and control and resuming work and production, in order to effectively give full play to the judicial function of the people's court in Ensuring Six Stability and Six Guarantees, Wei Jingjing again and again went into the enterprise to investigate and got to know the situation,taking the trouble to mediate disputes for enterprises, solving their difficulties, dissolving their risks, helping them resume production as soon as possible.

In the eyes of the people she  had served,Wei Jingjing was a tender woman judge. Li Chuanyun, the General Manager of  Anhui Jinhongyuan  Fireproof Door Co., Ltd. said that I admire Judge Wei very much,My company once installed residential fire proof doors for Zhongyang Construction Company, the project was completed in July 2016 and the project department withdrew to Jiangxi, the project fund was defaulted for 4 years, we asked for it dozens of times but never got it back.Thanks to Judge Wei's helpful justice, we got our hard-earned money back.When the court session, Zhongyang company put forward that the two sides do not have the construction contract, the final account is forged by us,said Li Chuanyun,I remember very clear that as soon as the trial was over, Judge Wei asked the defendant to check the number of fireproof doors in the community with us. It was a very hot August morning, Judge Wei and we came to the community, counting the number of fire proof doors one by one, layer by layer, door to door. We Climbed a dozen tall buildings,my legs were numb and sweating profusely, but Judge Wei did not stop and went on to count house by house until she got the exact number of the fireproof doors.said Li Chuanyun, pointing to the number of fire proof doors in the file table, there were 1,107 doors,Judge Wei walked through 1,107 doors. After determining the number of fire doors, the defendant could no longer deny. The two sides were moved by Wei's fairness, justice, patience and responsibility and reached a mediation agreement.The defendant paid the arrears of more than 670,000 yuan in two installments. Wei Jingjing had always had a vision in mind which was to ensure that the people feel fairness and justice in every case.

She Left Sunshine and Honesty Behind

Engaged in court work for more than ten years, Wei Jingjing could tolerate unfairness. Because in her eyes, it was only when every case was clear can she live a peaceful and comfortable life. I value my personality and reputation,discipline and restrain my own words and deeds. I never eat a meal invited client, received no penny from client.  When
I wear the robe, I feel unashamed of his heart.Wei Jingjing wrote in a summary. In March 2015, Wei Jingjing was transferred from the municipal procuratorate to serve as an assistant judge in the Third Court of the Lu 'an Central People's Court. There were a lot of real estate construction project contract dispute cases in the court, which were strange to her, and she was very upset and stressed at the beginning. But she studied assiduously, and bought many business books and took many notes at her own expense. She quickly improved the ability to handle cases. That year, 60 cases of first and second instance which she undertook were all concluded. In the second year, she dealt with 129 cases of construction contract disputes of various real estate and land ownership construction projects, of these, 39 were withdrawn,the settlement rate reached 98.47 percent. She was awarded as an Expert in Handling Cases by the achievement that the cases she handled when appealed to the Anhui Provincial High People's Court throughout the year were not returned or changed, and there were no complaints, letters and visits from parties concerned. Since becoming an assistant judge in March 2015, Wei had presiding over 891 cases, including 137 mediation cases, and participated in 2,596 collegial panel trials. Behind these numerous cases, Wei Jingjing always held a heart to pursue justice. Lu Runtang, a 76-year-old person remembers that, in order to help him win a lawsuit over a high-rise building that affected the lighting of his home, Wei Jingjing went to his home measured the light, combined with the provisions of the planning department, she soon made a decision. Judge little Wei said that the old people need sunshine more, which moved me very much,said Lu Runtang,thank Xiao Wei judge for our old people justice, it is a pity that she left so young. Zhou Meiyun, from Baotou, Inner Mongolia, said she could not believe the news of death of such a good  person Judge Wei. Zhou Meiyun never forgot September 2016 when he and his sister-in-law took the train for two days,just for the special trip to Liu 'an to send a silk banner to Wei Jingjing and expressed face to face thanks for her painstaking help in win the lawsuit for his son.

The dead have passed away, we just sing instead of crying to express our mourning,Wei Jingjing  released the most brilliant light with her short 37 years of life. As an advanced model emerging from the political and legal front in Anhui Province in the new era, a model among the people's judges, an outstanding representative among the Communist Party members, and a learning model for the vast number of Party members and cadres in Anhui Province, she is still like an unextinguished lamp,illuminating the judicial people who are constantly moving forward on the road of the rule of law, to protect fairness and justice, and to pursue faith in the law,Illuminating the responsible dream-chasers in the ordinary work posts , to realize the value of life, to give embodiment to the eternity of life.