The Daisy gives full play to its professional strengths and opens a new chapter in the protection of rights and interests

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-- A brief documentary of the Daisy investigation of the Law School

To actively take advantage of our discipline, to use professional knowledge and promote the protection of the rights and interests of minors, January 11, 2021 in the afternoon, under the guidance of associate professor of our good teacher, Daisy project team composed of our college students come to bengbu in anhui province women's association, joint municipal women's federation held a minor care project implementation seminars. Jin Mei, party secretary and chairwoman of the Women's Federation, Shen Hui, vice chairwoman and member of the party group, and Ou Lin, minister of the Ministry of Rights and Intervention attended the symposium.

The team members of Daisy spent about one year to carry out sufficient practical research in all parts of Anhui Province, and constructed a comprehensive protection system for victims of sexual assault cases, which integrates five aspects including law, medical treatment, psychology, economy and information. In addition, a detailed implementation plan and communication plan were developed prior to the symposium, aimed at protecting victims of assault and promoting self-protection knowledge.

At the beginning of the symposium, Ms. Jin Mei, chairwoman of the Women's Federation, first of all, made an overview of the population composition of Bengbu and other basic situations, indicating the importance of the protection of minors' rights and interests and the necessity of cooperation with Anhui University of Finance and Economics Law School. Then, Wei Zhen, Ma Chiliang and other students from the Daisy project spoke in turn and introduced the preliminary research, overall structure and specific service content of the project in detail. In this process, the participants of the Women's Federation showed strong interest, and put forward the corresponding questions, team members actively answered, the two sides specifically analyzed the potential sources of danger to the safety of minors, the rights and interests of the reasons for not being fully protected and other issues, the atmosphere of the scene was warm. Finally, Associate Professor Jin Yu of the College made a further outlook on the cooperation prospects between our school and Bengbu Women's Federation, and the chairman of Bengbu Women's Federation made a concluding speech.

Through this symposium, the Academy and the Bengbu Women's Federation have reached an important consensus in improving the protection mechanism of minors in Bengbu, improving the legal concept of the masses, and establishing a long-term school joint work. It has strengthened the connection between our school and Bengbu Women's Federation, which is conducive to jointly establishing a horizontal to the side, vertical to the end of the linkage platform for women and children's rights protection. At the same time, this symposium gives students a chance to exercise themselves and turn knowledge into power. All students are encouraged to actively use their professional knowledge and contribute their legal strength to the cause of protecting women and children.