The Law School held a meeting on united front work

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In order to continue to do a good job of the united front work, strengthen unity and cooperation, and constantly improve the cohesion and fighting capacity of all the faculty and staff, the College held a united front work meeting in the conference room of the faculty and staff home comprehensive hall on the west campus of Longhu on the morning of January 14th. Members of the Party Committee of the College and representatives of the masses and democratic parties attended the meeting.

Institute, vice President of the united front members high sea first to convey the central, provincial party committee and the national united front work in colleges and universities conference spirit, the interpretation of the Chinese communist party's united front work regulations (try out) the relevant content, and the united front work for the full year college and affirmation, the end of the united front work for the next step for the further plan and arrangement. At the same time, opinions and suggestions on the college and the united front work were widely solicited from all the participants. All participants combined their personal work and study practice, actively offered suggestions and suggestions on teaching, scientific research, party building study and league school service. The atmosphere of the meeting was warm and the interaction was strong, and good results were achieved. The college party committee secretary jin-mei zhang in summary speech highly affirmed the Democrats for college made contributions to the development of high quality and is expected to further strengthen political study and policy propaganda, strengthen the participation awareness, mobilize more united front objects around the subject construction and party building development of BSFLP actively, to make greater contribution to the development of college.