Longhu Law Salon (46) : 2021 National Social Science Fund Project Application Exchange Seminar

Release Time:2021-01-14    Number of visits:10   

On the afternoon of January 14, 2021, the 46th Longhu Law Salon was held in the meeting room B306 of the East Campus Administration Building. The theme of the activity was 2021 National Social Science Foundation Project Application Exchange and Discussion. The salon was hosted by Professor Zhang Weibin.

First of all, Professor Zhang Weibin discussed the forms and contents of the declarations submitted by Hua Qian, Han Xiuhua and Tang Wen respectively, and put forward his opinions and suggestions. Afterwards, Professor Zhao Xinlong had an in-depth discussion with all the applicants. In the process of communication, we should learn from each other and complement each other's strengths.

This project application exchange, the discussion is fully effective, the project applicants have a significant harvest.