The Law School held the party of "Celebrating the New Year and Bringing Vitality" in 2021

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In order to further promote the harmonious campus construction, enrich our staff style life, enhance teachers' spirit of unity and cooperation, create a healthy and positive campus civilization atmosphere, morning of January 14, 2021, law school union staff's home in west campus comprehensive hall's successful celebrate the New Year blooming vitality faculty welcome party.

Gao Na served as the host and introduced the interesting activities, including jumping rope, kicking shuttlecock and throwing darts. The activity took the form of trade union groups and individual voluntary registration. The activity proceeded in an orderly manner and members participated with great enthusiasm and interest. After fierce competition, finally decided the competition of the first, second and third prize.

Through this activity, the teachers felt the care and care of the college union, and at the same time, the teachers got a great stretch and relaxation after their busy work. It not only strengthens the spirit of unity and cooperation among colleagues, but also enriches and entertains themselves, thus helping teachers to devote themselves to the development and construction of the college with greater enthusiasm and vitality.