A new breakthrough was made in CLSCI 2020

Release Time:2021-03-05    Number of visits:10   

According to the statistics of China Law Innovation Network(http://www.fxcxw.org.cn/dyna/content.php?id=16989),the law discipline of our school has published 10 papers in CLSCI in 2020 (including one published by Professor Gao Hai, a Longhu scholar, in the authoritative law journal China Law), ranking 34th in China, which is a new breakthrough after ranking 36th in 2015.


In 2020, Associate Professor Zong Bo, a Longhu scholar, published 5 papers on criminal procedure law in CLSCI journals (only 23 scholars published more than 5 papers in CLSCI journals in 2020), which made our university rank 7th in the top 10 published papers in CLSCI journals of all disciplines published by China Law Innovation Network.


CLSCI is the abbreviation of China Legal Science Citation Index, which currently includes 22 core journals of law.


                 (Writing: Gao Hai;reviewed by: Zhang Weibin)