The law major of our school has been successfully selected as the national first-class undergraduate major construction site

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On February 22, the General Office of the Ministry of Education published the Notice on the List of National and Provincial First-class Undergraduate Major Construction Sites in 2020 (Department of Higher Education Letter [2021] No.7). The law major of our school has been successfully selected as the national first-class undergraduate major construction site. This is our first national teaching platform project.


In 2019, the Ministry of Education  fully implemented and launched the Double Ten Thousand Plan for the construction of national first-class undergraduate programs, and planned to cultivate about 10,000 national first-class undergraduate programs and about 10,000 provincial first-class undergraduate programs during 2019 and 2021. The Double Ten Thousand Plan  for the first-class undergraduate specialty construction  is  an important measure put forward by the Ministry of Education for  further implementation of the spirit of national conference on education and the National Conference on Undergraduate Education in New Era, for implementation of the 40 Rules for Higher Education  in the New Era , Six Excellence and One Top plan 2.0 and other documents requirements, promoting the development of new engineering, new arts, new medical sciences and new agricultural sciences, Strengthening the construction of first-class undergraduate majors and cultivate first-class talents, comprehensively revitalizing undergraduate education,  improving the ability of colleges and universities to cultivate talents,Implementing the connotative development of higher education.


With the joint efforts of all legal staff, of Anhui University of Finance & Economics, after more than 20 years of development, the school has gradually established a relatively complete talent training system for undergraduate and master's degree in law: at the end of 1993, it was approved to establish the major of economic law; in September 1994, the first undergraduate program of economic law began to recruit students; in 1996, it enrolled undergraduate students majoring in international economic law. After the national adjustment of undergraduate programs in 1998, the undergraduate program of law was established uniformly. In 2002, 2004, 2007, it began to enroll academic graduate students of economic law, international law, civil and commercial law. In 2007, it was authorized to confer master's degree of law, and in 2011, it was authorized to confer master's degree of first-level discipline of law.


The Law School now offers the undergraduate program of Law, which consists of two undergraduate programs: Law and Forensic Accounting. Since 2010, the law major of the school has been successively selected as the provincial first-class major construction site and the university key major construction site. In addition, it has successfully obtained provincial quality engineering projects such as Excellent Legal Talents Plan, Trials for Comprehensive Reform of Law,  School-Enterprise Cooperative Legal Education Base,

Excellent Legal Talents Education Program. The law major was selected into the national first-class undergraduate major construction site, which is a full affirmation of the above professional construction and talent training work of our school.


Taking it as an opportunity,  the school will continue to adhere to the central position of talent training, continue to promote undergraduate teaching and specialty construction according to the national first-class specialty construction standards, adhere to the specialty construction direction of excellence and characteristics, cultivate high-quality talents, build a high-level law school, strive to achieve leapfrog development,  fulfill the mission of providing high-level talent support and intellectual support for national and regional legal development, work hard to provide more outstanding legal personnel for the country's rule of law.


          (Author: Jiang Huiyu;reviewed by: Zhang Weibin)