Once Again Postgraduate Students of Our School Achieve Good Results in the Doctoral Degree Examination

Release Time:2020-06-30    Number of visits:10   

In June 2020, the law graduate students enrolled in 2017 graduated successfully, which continued the good atmosphere of the postgraduate entrance examination of our school and achieved good results again. Zhang Daorun,a law graduate enrolled in 2017  (master supervisor: Jiang Huiyu) was admitted to Anhui University as doctoral candidate in economic. law,  Zhu Yongqian (master supervisor: Zhang Weibin) was admitted to Zhejiang University for doctoral degree in International Law, Li Lingzhi (Master supervisor: Liu Yu) was admitted to ocean University of China as a doctoral candidate in international Law.Zhu Mingting (Master supervisor: Zhang Weibin),a master of law enrolled in 2017, has been admitted to Xiamen University as a doctoral candidate,majoring in International Law. The number of PhD students is the same as in 2018.

In recent years, by revising the graduate student training program and the teaching management documents, the college has paid close attention to the connotation construction, strengthening supervisor's role of guidance,  actively exploring the reform of graduate student education, the quality of graduate student training has been steadily improved. Meanwhile, it is our hope that the postgraduate students of both for academic orientation and for master of law in our school can follow the examples of the above four students, studying professional theory assiduously, devoting yourself  to academic study, being earnest on research, weaving your strength with sweat, achieving your dream with perseverance, creating brilliance with hard work, never forgetting the original intention, forging ahead with tenacity,mapping more splendid chapters of life.

(Written by Ge Yao, reviewed by Chen Min)