Bengbu Institute of the Rule of Law Was Established

Release Time:2020-08-21    Number of visits:10   

On the morning of August 21st,2020, the opening ceremony of Bengbu Research Institute under the Rule of Law established by Municipal Committee for The Administration of Law and our university was held in the video conference room on the third floor of Office Building 1, east campus of our university. Attending the conference are Ding Zhongming, Party Secretary and President of the University, Zhang Guoan, Deputy Director of the Department of Justice of Anhui Province, Zhang Xiaojing, Deputy mayor of Bengbu People's Government , relevant persons in charge from the Department of Justice of Anhui Province, the Office of the Municipal Committee for the Administration of Law and the Municipal Bureau of Justice, the director of the Party and Government Office of the University, members of the leadership team of the Law School and some teachers . At the ceremony, Ding Zhongming, Zhang Guoan and Zhang Xiaojing jointly unveiled the nameplate of the Bengbu Institute of The Rule of Law.

The Bengbu institute of The Rule of Law  was set up in law school, with double dean system, with main task for project research on mechanism construction of decision-making in accordance with law, construction of high standards law-ruling government, construction of law-ruling culture,  and for other work under the rule of law research seminars, providing theoretical support for the rule of law construction of bengbu, sharing platform and strengthening the rule of law talents training, etc.

(Written by: Wu Qiong; Reviewed by: Zhang Weibin )