Hong Yingying, A Teacher of Our Faculty, Participated in the Demonstration of Hundreds of Outstanding Teachers and New Talents in Anhui Province

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In order to fully implement the spirit of  General Secretary Xi jinping's important speeches when he was inspecting Anhui province  and Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and  the State Council On comprehensively Deepening the Construction and Reform of the Teaching Staff in the  New Era, extensively publicize and demonstrate  the teachers of new era with  positive images  of  being sunny, beautiful, dedicated, selfless,outstanding and glorious deeds,cultivating educationalist teachers, in the occasion of celebrating the 36th teachers' day,the Department of Education Anhui province decided to hold activities of the province's 100 distinguished university teaching masters and excellent new teaching talents show.Among the famous  teaching masters and  teaching rookies of provincial-level, nearly two hundred outstanding representatives  are recommended for intensive elegance demeanor display by  the provincial Department of Education .  After  selection,  HongYingYing,a teacher of our faculty, was recommended to participate in the Anhui province excellent teaching talent show. For details please see the link: http://www.ehuixue.cn/index/school/otdetail? id=180