Our School Signed An Agreement with Anhui Shengchuan Law Firm on Donation and School-enterprise Cooperative Practical Education Base

Release Time:2020-10-13    Number of visits:14   

On the morning of October 13th, the signing ceremony of donation and School-enterprise Cooperative Practice and Education Base agreement between Our school and Anhui Shengchuan Law Firm was held in conference room B306, Office Building No. 1, East Campus.  Zhu Shengyu,director of anhui Shengchuan law firm, the school social cooperation department chief Wu Jiewen,school education foundation secretary-general Lu Taiping, law school party secretary Zhang Jinmei, vice secretary of party committee Deng Yue, vice President of the law school Gao Hai, Jiang Huiyu, senior lawyer Hu Jingxuan from Anhui Sheng Chuan law firm, Guo Bo and law school orgnizer Fang Yongwei took part in the ceremony. The ceremony was presided by Gaohai.

Zhang Jinmei expressed her warm welcome to Zhu Shengyu and her heartfelt thanks to Anhui Shengchuan Law Firm for the donation. She introduced the basic situation of our school from the aspects of the birth of the school, discipline construction, faculty, teaching and research, discipline competition, talent training and so on. We also hope that both sides can further cooperate to realize the win-win cooperation between alumni and alma mater.

Wu jiewen and Lu Taiping briefly introduced the work of alumni and the education Foundation respectively, and hoped to take the opportunity of this donation and cooperation to strengthen exchanges, mutual support and common development between the two sides.

Zhu Shengyu introduced the initial intention of anhui Shengchuan Law Firm and its current scale, development and achievements. He expressed that he always keep in mind his thanks to alma mater for cultivation .He hopes to come back to alma mater more, and give more support for the development of the law school.

In the ceremony, representatives from three parties Anhui sheng chuan law firm, education foundation of Anhui university of finance and economics , Anhui university of finance and economics , signed the donation agreement. Representatives from law school of Anhui university of finance and economics and Anhui sheng chuan law firm signed an agreement on the establishment of education practice base with university-enterprise cooperation. Finally, Zhangjinmei  awarded Zhu Shengyu, Hu Jingxuan,and Guo Bo with credentials of appointment for part-time professor respectively.